Nailtiques Express Manicure (30 minutes)



Soak, cuticle work, file, hand and arm massage, paint.


Nailtiques Full Manicure (45 minutes)



Soak, cuticle work, file, nail scrub, full hand and arm massage, paraffin wax, paint.


Express Pedicure (30 minutes)



Soak, file, cuticle work, foot rasp, foot massage, paint.

Don't forget your flip-flops!


Full Pedicure (1 hour)



Soak, file, cuticle work, foot rasp, foot scrub, full foot and leg massage,
paraffin wax, paint.

Don't forget your flip-flops!


Please note a French paint is 3 extra.

File and paint





Nail gems and art stickers available from 50p per item.






Callus Peel



An exfoliating AHA foot peel designed to soften and remove hard built-up skin quickly. Please note more than one treatment may be required for heavy build-ups. Why not add in a toenail file and paint at the same time? (additional charge applies)




Full Foot







 Shellac & Gelac Nails

A strong 100% gel polish that protects your nails with long-lasting wear. Your polish will last up to two weeks!

Shellac offers you an opportunity to transform your hand and feet into nails you will be happy to show off with little effort.

Shellac allows the air/moisture to pass through the product thus preventing fungal infections caused by hard gels and acrylic systems.


Shellac/Gelac Colour Manicure                      22

Shellac/Gelac French Manicure                      25

Shellac/Gelac Soak off                                     5
(If having a new Gelac colour applied)

Soak off & tidy                                                 15


MINX Nails

Made of flexible film, Minx requires no drying time & causes no damage to the natural nail. Lasting up to 3 weeks choose from our exciting metallic range to glam up your nails!

Minx Fingers - 25

Minx Toes - 25


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We offer a range of nail treatments, from general manicures and pedicures to Shellac and Minx nail systems. Take a look at our range of services below and if you are unsure what is best for you, please phone us up to discuss your requirements.

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